What to Post Where

Haven’t yet figured out a good workflow for this github-based blogging habit. Some of my as-yet-unsettled-ruminations has to do with how I distinctify the blogging domains of

  1. Personal
  2. PFTF / GCC and
  3. Work / professional…
  4. and Miscellaneous thoughts go

20200501 & 20200519 updates: OK so

  1. This place (Jekyll on Github.io) can be for PFTF / GCC / Amigos / KF / COI / Engelbart thoughts.
  2. My own stuff will go in Workflowy and my own personal Brain.
    1. Blobs and documents will go into Smugmug, SoundCloud, AWS, Google Drive
  3. Work stuff will go into Nebula (Confluence) at work.
  4. (Anything left out?)
Written on April 20, 2020