Teen Congress, ctd

Today’s GCC Saturday Barn Raising / Foundation Laying session was mine to (1) bring focus, and (2) moderate to achieve focus, so that we could (3) cocreate together. So I brought my interest in intergenerational communication, collaboration, involvement, engagement, connection, etc. eventually sharing my Teen Congress blog from 6/16.

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Teen Congress

I am enraged at the robbery being commited by this administration with so-called “stimulus aid” legislation HIDING 500+ BILLION DOLLARS to recipients unaccounted for, and with a smug refusal to be transparent about this THEFT.

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Indictment of Education "System"

I can’t think of a greater indictment of our “education system” than that it produced a population that voted in a sorry excuse of a human being to the presidency (putting aside the “election rigging” issue).

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Structural Social Reform

Once money was allowed to rule, too soon it became evident that most politicians turned AWAY from the citizenry and TOWARD the money teat. It’s a single-party system: the party of the monied elite, with 2 faces for us to “believe” it’s a 2-party system. This con was so well executed most of us have been asleep thinking justice was being served.

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My Political Reform Agenda

When someone with integrity attains the White House, I want

  • a full accounting of all the funds stolen from the American people by corrupt “appointees” and cronies of the ORANGE CORRUPTION and his party. I want those monies RETURNED and those criminals imprisoned.
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An Extraordinary Interview

I’ve interviewed a few times, and did hiring-side interviews (hundreds, of not thousands) over the course of decades, but my most extraordinary interview happened in one of my very first handful of interviews as a freshman at Stanford. For a reason I don’t now but might later recall I told this story to Ronni this morning and I thought it worth writing down; I may move it later, but I’m putting it here for now.

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Lauren and Gems and Miro

Lauren moderated today, and brought the topic of harvesting “Gems” from conversations. (That’s my understanding, but I’m willing to be corrected.)

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TheBrain is Back In My Life (for now)

I broke down ;) and bought another year subscription to TheBrain even though I had data loss a few years ago. I want to help TheBrain team continue to develop TheBrain, and today, buying their product seems to be one way.

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Why Record? (Audio, Video, etc)

A long-standing question in GCC, and a practice which probably keeps some potential participants away, is that we record all our conversations in video (using Zoom), and share them. Recently, the Saturday and Sunday sessions are shared publicly, but most of the previous ones since inception were shared to the GCC FB group only as unlisted links, and “not publicly”.

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Found Feb 23 session

I looked on my 8TB backup drive where I’d moved files when my Red Tower was going unstable… and found the Feb 23 files there. Uploaded to YT, but still waiting for the automatic transcript to be produced.

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Weather is phenomenally beautiful

The breeze through open windows and doors is so soft and caressing… and the sun so warm these days (other than a short patch of drizzles)… this really is heaven on earth. Cool air… carrying away stress effectively!!

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20200510 Unblocking

I started the session, but then fell asleep, but when I woke up, I heard long periods of back and forth arguing between Jaswinder and Colin…

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Reputation Thoughts

A reputation system would be nice if it:

  • recognized PRE-DEPLOYMENT value in addition to POST-DEPLOYMENT value; else it is ready for first-mover advantage and gaming
  • couldn’t be gamed, or at least had a method where gaming it could be easily detected & rectified
  • recognized MULTIPLE modes of contribution, not just profit, or time, or connection, or…
  • allowed the LONG-EXTENDED-EFFORT that goes into some breakthroughs, and not just transactional for short or instantaneous transactions…
  • the object being acknowledged (transaction, talk, donation, support, action, etc) would be recorded in its raw form, SEPARATE and distinct from the “reputation” component of the “ledger entry”;
  • the object remaining immutable, but augmentable, and
  • the “reputation” component evolving over time, not static
  • Reputation must be multi-dimensional / multi-factor.
  • more later
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more GoDaddy frustration

My “Premium” mail subscription at GoDaddy expired today; Nick couldn’t get into his email, so pinged me around noon. Got it resolved, after checking that the domain was still ok. But when GoDaddy support “transferred” the live mail accounts to the NEW premium “UNLIMITED” package, I still get told I’m over my storage allocation!!! Arrggghhhhh

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Spent Sunday Working With Jekyll on Github.io

Yesterday afternoon, while learning more about jekyll and github.io as a blogging platform, I pointed SuperSammetry.com at SSYH.github.io as my (currently experimental) blogging location for all things GCC & PFTF & COI & Collaborology & KF & Engelbartian and associated topics :) I’m curious to see (in myself) whether this is effective for me as a conduit for ideas and interaction.

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Sunday Unblocking

I triggered Amanda when I was addressing Unblocking sharing practices and the use of “I” and “me” vs “We”, “You”, and “Us”.

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Focus Experiment

A few weeks ago (I’ll look up when) in a Barn Raising session, I heard again an oft-repeated refrain that we were having trouble focusing and getting things done. I’ve been trying to balance focus on a path I have in my mind with the exploration of what naturally comes up that is of interest to session participants.

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Flurry of Events

Yesterday (4/29) ended a big flurry of events - JC and Ashu asked me to present the “Digital Optimization” charter & strategy to the WW PS all-hands meeting in the morning, so I worked on that material over the weekend and early part of the week with JC. Reportedly, JC said Ashu was happy with it, and I was glad to hear that.

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My posts are too TEXTY :(

I’d like to be more PICTUREY ;) with these posts. Gotta find an easy way for me to get more graphic or picturesque ;) with these posts.

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What to Post Where

Haven’t yet figured out a good workflow for this github-based blogging habit. Some of my as-yet-unsettled-ruminations has to do with how I distinctify the blogging domains of

  1. Personal
  2. PFTF / GCC and
  3. Work / professional…
  4. and Miscellaneous thoughts go
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Sunday Air Clearing

I missed most of the unblocking session today, but checked in late, and had a brief time with Joshua and Jaswinder that

  1. cleared the air between Joshua and me around last Saturday’s “Fuck you” moment, and
  2. allowed me to confirm with both that Barn-Raising was still headed toward the eventual GlobalSIM vision originally expressed in December, 2009 (with Mike and Darla Hewitt, among others).
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Clojure Wrapper for JFreeSane

I found a reference to JFreeSane library (via a YouTube video when looking for other users of gscan2pdf). I want to get familiar with this library, as it could be something I could use. In particular, I was curious whether someone had created a Clojure app based on this library.

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Need a TRANSPARENT Incorruptible Voting System

On a Facebook status this morning, I proposed a TRANSPARENT voting system that would address some of the issues that rub me the wrong way (but hard!) from the current cesspool that is American politics. Lack of integrity, blatant lying, blatant corruption & nepotism, complete disregard for the health of the citizenry by both Biden AND Trump, and to sadly face that Bernie is defocusing on the campaign in favor or raising support for the unfortunate people who are having a hard time through this covid crisis. The world just doesn’t appreciate honest sincere well-intentioned man like Bernie. They’d rather have 2 rapists on the ballot.

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Trying to Get Into the Habit

So at first, I was really enthusiastic to get onto Jekyll, but then I read that it’s making way for more “modern” packages… not yet sure about that. I’ll probably try this out for a while anyway.

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Deciding in a fuzzy-membership community

In communities (organizations, teams, projects, locales, towns, etc) where membership is defined or controlled, and it is easy to determine whether an individual IS a member, or a member has participated in a vote, whether a member is eligible for voting, etc. there exist voting systems that do the job of guiding decisions to resolution, for better or for worse.

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What is GlobalSIM?

  • executable knowledge
  • predictive simulations
  • global collaboration
  • all levels of inter-operation
  • big analytics
  • versioning
  • what-if analysis
  • heuristics as well as formal logic
  • all kinds of knowledge can be composed
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Who Else is Building COI CNIC Communities?

  • Global Challenges Community (Collaboration, Conversations) ** Barn Raising / Foundation Laying (GCC)
  • Amigos
  • Knowledge Federation affiliates
  • International Society of Systems Science - ISSS
  • Tantra Communities - Multiple
  • Systemic Thinking World - Facebook Group
  • Harbin Community
  • Awareness communities - Buddhist
  • Barbara Marx Hubbard
  • Marianne Williamson
  • Buckminster Fuller Institute?
  • Teal Foundation?
  • ProductiveLearning.org
  • MIT Climate Change NIC?
  • … way more …
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Why Am I On Amigos Calls Every Morning?

  • Catalyst
  • Meeting Doug
  • Learning NLS & the chorded keyset
  • Bootstrap Seminar / Workshop - 1992 March
  • Program For The Future 2008
  • PFTF 2010
  • Knowledge Federation 2012
  • Amigos Calls
  • PFTF 2013
  • KF 2014
  • ISSS
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Limits to Freedom

While we all have come to appreciate some degree of freedom as foundational to pursuit of happiness, we have accepted some limits to freedom in order that a fair and safe society be sustainable and accommodate all of us. Some of these limits are those we choose to abide by in order that we not create chaos:

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What is WISiWIDo?

WISiWIDo (aka WYSiWYDo) is the infrastructure (tooling, applications, protocols, practices, principles,…) to support atomic-level collaboration: The 2-person agreement. WYSIWYDo is intended to scale from this micro-level to macro-level collaboration at global scale.

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Tweach - The Idea

Tweach is an experiment in crowdsourcing life lessons, HOWTO’s, etc. and an attempt to leverage “big data” to come up with how we can guide ourselves and our next generations, based on what previous generations have learned and passed on. It’s an attempt to use Twitter (mostly, though other social media forums could work as well) to share what we learned when.

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9 Artifacts to Seed a Project Team

When a new project or team forms, I like to create or designate these minimal 9 artifacts in the shared memory (knowledge repository). This can be a wiki, or something more sophisticated, but here they are:

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When discussing application, infrastructures, protocols, messaging, etc, it is necessary to precisely agree on semantics of expressions in order to avoid “mistakes”. However, HTML as a representation format has survived largely due to its ability to “tolerate” expressions that are not understood… the browser just ignores those expressions it doesn’t understand. That behavior / tolerance has allowed “backward compatibility” of HTML and browser versions, as new language constructs can be introduced that are just seamlessly (mostly) just ignored by older browsers.

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You're up and running!

Next you can update your site name, avatar and other options using the _config.yml file in the root of your repository (shown below).

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