Flurry of Events

Yesterday (4/29) ended a big flurry of events - JC and Ashu asked me to present the “Digital Optimization” charter & strategy to the WW PS all-hands meeting in the morning, so I worked on that material over the weekend and early part of the week with JC. Reportedly, JC said Ashu was happy with it, and I was glad to hear that.

The KM World Webinar was 11am Tuesday (4/28) with Danyelle Myrick from Georgia Power (part of Southern Company). JC, Anna (Maske), and Paul (Linares) all were positive in giving nice feedback on the delivery. Anna said it was my best webinar she’d heard me do; she said I sounded very knowledgeable. Paul said in the afternoon that he enjoys hearing me present.

Last Friday (4/24), Ashu and JC asked me to give the Product Management team at ORION a summary of the “digital optimization” work I’d done and communicated to [redacted], and Ashu had very nice things to say about this new area of pursuit: [redacted]. This is exciting because done well, it can enable us to be trusted partners and counselors to businesses in how to optimize their digital engagement with their customers, in larger “Digital Transformation” initiatives.

Last Thursday (4/23), Karthik had asked me to present the “eGain and CoVid-19” segment of the Cisco ECE webinar with Kyla Dubord, from Discovery Benefits, based on what he heard me do with the Forrester webinar on Apr 9.

The webinar Karthik had attended was Thursday (4/9) with Kate Leggett (Forrester), again with Anna as my handler. Other than going over allotted time, I thought it went ok, and Karthik heard enough to invite me to present with him on 4/23.

Written on April 30, 2020