Eric and TheBrain

Eric brought TheBrain to HIS Barn Raising / Foundation Laying (Pouring) session today. Was good! More later.

202005031310 update:

Eric posted the brain from today’s session

202005042200 update:

Years ago, I had tried, and liked very much, The Brain. I had organized my calendar with it. Many of my projects were fleshed out with it. I’d been scanning documents and throwing away the paper, attaching them to Brain nodes. UNTIL…. One day I lost half my brain. I don’t know how. It was not pleasant. I’ve stayed away ever since.

But now… with the belief that TheBrain may have worked out whatever issues it had with data loss, and synchronization, and that other GCC friends are re-interested in TheBrain, based on Eric’s introduction to it… I am now seriously considering trying TheBrain again. I called them a few days ago to ask what my upgrade cost would be, so now understand that. Next step is to just do it…

But… Now that I’ve centralized my life around Workflowy, how do I now reconfigure my life workflow? Do I keep Workflowy? There’s a lot I like about Workflowy. It’s simple. It’s reasonably fast. It’s easily shareable. It’s easy to go “linear”, and then restructure later (to avoid “premature organization”). Or do I switch completely to TheBrain, and dump Workflowy? Seems I should be able to figure out how to live life with both…

Written on May 2, 2020