Sunday Unblocking

I triggered Amanda when I was addressing Unblocking sharing practices and the use of “I” and “me” vs “We”, “You”, and “Us”.

I highlighted that learning from each other COULD beneficially incorporate “you, we, etc” and that connecting from HEART was good, but connecting on MULTIPLE chakras (including 7, 1, 2, etc) could (imho) be even better. And that we had spent enough time together that I occasionally PRESUME that HEART connection and respect is a given. Perhaps that’s mistaken.

THEN discussing IDEAS and meta topics can be valid. This point didn’t resonate with all. (Some, but not all)

Seemed NOT with Amanda. She (I’ll have to watch / listen to this again to get this right) seemed to imply that I was killing the energy (or at least the energy SHE preferred) by talking about ideas, about the meta, instead of doing “personal sharing”.

Written on May 3, 2020