Spent Sunday Working With Jekyll on Github.io

Yesterday afternoon, while learning more about jekyll and github.io as a blogging platform, I pointed SuperSammetry.com at SSYH.github.io as my (currently experimental) blogging location for all things GCC & PFTF & COI & Collaborology & KF & Engelbartian and associated topics :) I’m curious to see (in myself) whether this is effective for me as a conduit for ideas and interaction.

Also spent some time updating my “About” page with specifics of events & patents, and was pleasantly surprised to find that unlike my previous (and now understood as incorrect) impression, my name WAS included on the thin client patent at Siebel; I had thought that after I had fought so hard to make sure Thanh Diec’s name was included (it was originally left off) that mine would be removed, as was threatened when I made a fuss to make sure Thanh was not excluded.

So I am actually named on 8 (eight) patents; quite a few more than I had thought; I had thought I only had the 2 from DocuMagix, and 2 from eGain, but now I see more :)

I am a little sad that some of the best stuff was NOT published a/o patented, because it was done on classified projects at ESL. I did add a note to that effect on the About page. THAT stuff was truly ground-breaking!

I experimented a little with Jekyll. Here’s what I believe (to be confirmed):

  • Only one entry is allowed per day. I tried putting 2 files with the same date in _posts/ but didn’t see 2.
  • The title needs to have SOMETHING other than the formatted date, to serve as the URI, so I’ll just make it the date again without the hyphens.
Written on May 4, 2020