Still trying to understand Jekyll and URIs and filenames

Got a reminder to submit my personal profile page for the 40th anniversary of the Stanford class of 1980. Wonder if (the general) you can see it? May not be possible, since it has lots of contact info on that page.

I found a number of old blog entries, many just outlines, sketch notes, etc. in Google Docs. Brought them over here; can elaborate them later. One going back to 2012, but several from 2015.

Just tried renaming every file to “” but though I see these renames reflected at, Jekyll is still producing the old URIs with the old filenames. I’ve been waiting 65-70 seconds after push to github, which usually is enough. Still need to understand this framework.

Several minutes later: Well… it just took longer. Curiously some updates will happen in 65-70 seconds, but others take several times longer….??

Written on May 5, 2020