more GoDaddy frustration

My “Premium” mail subscription at GoDaddy expired today; Nick couldn’t get into his email, so pinged me around noon. Got it resolved, after checking that the domain was still ok. But when GoDaddy support “transferred” the live mail accounts to the NEW premium “UNLIMITED” package, I still get told I’m over my storage allocation!!! Arrggghhhhh

And this after a marathon work meeting from 8am til almost noon…

So I eventually called GoDaddy, and my “premium” payment hadn’t gone through, and searching my email inbox didn’t easily locate any reminders / warnings / notifications of that. Paid for the email premium service, and minutes later still couldn’t “save a copy” of a sent email… :(

an hour later: Called GoDaddy about it again, and they verified that it was configured correctly. Turns out it takes longer than “a few minutes” to activate the “unlimited” component of the UNLIMITED email account properly. whew…

I think I need a different email hosting service. Another project…\

Written on May 6, 2020