Phalan brings "Embodiment" as Focus

Phalan brought “embodiment” as a focus.

His focusing question was “If you were to identify with anything that has a form, outside of your physical form, and connect with it, what would that look like to you?”

I tried to connect embodiment with senses, information, connectivity / connection, control, sensitivity, openness, receptivity, meaning, learning, being, living, doing, action… along with a dynamic view of divergence - contraction… a kind of heartbeat rhythm of living.

That receptivity can be stimulated by immersion in novelty; another way is to go DEEP, as did Buddha, Andrew Weill, and other such examples of introspection, vs external stimulation.

Didn’t quite toss in the simplicity, patience, compassion triad…

Early in the session was an oblique reference to Chuang-Tzu’s theme of the dreamer and the butterfly.

We had another reappearance of the “Jaswinder - Colin ping-ponging co-triggering” after

Written on May 9, 2020