Weather is phenomenally beautiful

The breeze through open windows and doors is so soft and caressing… and the sun so warm these days (other than a short patch of drizzles)… this really is heaven on earth. Cool air… carrying away stress effectively!!

Turns out a couple of past UNBLOCKING sessions went QUITE LONG and I departed before they ended. However, it seems on a couple of occasions, I didn’t pass HOST to someone, so the recording kept going until I got back to terminate it. I tried to upload them as is/was, but YT complains that they are too long (not recognizing the tail hours were uneventful), so I will have to trim them here locally before uploading. PITA.

FTR: The 2 sessions affected are Apr 19 and May 03.

my videos worksheet

Also: The Feb 23 and Mar 09 sessions I can’t seem to find easily; will look harder.

I’ve got more and more details to work through and to document into a HOWTO for handling videos (as I currently do; always open to improvement and incorporating assistance)

Written on May 12, 2020