Trimmed 0510, and Observation

I found 39 empty minutes at the tail of May 10 so trimmed that down this morning.

It also looks like I’m not happy with just yyyymmdd filenames and URIs. Not useful enough. So I’m renaming files again… :(

IIRC, this session seemed to have a lot of “back & forth” between Jaswinder and Colin… again… but it seemed this time this went on even longer than usual.

I’m wondering whether to ask: At the end of Unblocking sessions, as part of checkout, would it be informative and useful to each identify whether something DID get unblocked, or at least partially moved forward TOWARD unblocking?

Also: During the Unblocking call, would it be useful to develop a protocol or practice whereby listeners could identify in the chat transcript, with a hashtag convention (#Block ?) what was being discussed, and how it was a block?

Eventually: It would be nice to review past #Block topics / moments / passages, and see whether at some point, in that or a later session, that #Block got #Unblocked… :)

If we were able to do this, these conversations would be HUGELY valuable, imho.

Written on May 14, 2020