TheBrain is Back In My Life (for now)

I broke down ;) and bought another year subscription to TheBrain even though I had data loss a few years ago. I want to help TheBrain team continue to develop TheBrain, and today, buying their product seems to be one way.

So I’m recreating, and sharing, the following brains, ALL WORKS-IN-PROGRESS. Unfortunately (as was also previously the limitation), team collaboration takes MORE $$$ to enable. If there’s enough interest in this, perhaps we could start a GoFundUs ;) or Patreon, and then use TheBrain to collaborate.

My WIP Brains are:


Collaborology Brain


GCC Brain

Let me know if you have problems seeing these online brains. Also let me know if there are connections you’d like to collaborate on with me.

I’m currently paying $159/year for this subscription.

I believe TeamBrain is $299/year/PERSON. If I find EVEN ONE person (you?) who wants to collaborate on this with me, I’m willing to upgrade my subscription to the TEAM version so that we can do so. (It also means YOU will also need this level of subscription, according to current TheBrain pricing.)

Later update: I’m wondering whether these 2 brains could / should stay independent, with just a few cross-links…? It seems to me that it’d be a richer more interesting brain to combine them. I’ll probably do that…

On the topic of brains, one must include Jerry’s Brain :)

Written on May 15, 2020