Experimented with the Brain for Today's Unblocking

I attended today’s unblocking with 2 interesting aspects that hadn’t previously applied.

  • Stacia Scoggins contacted me yesterday with an interest in the Zoom meetings I’d previously invited Camano Island residents to participate in. Since those didn’t happen, and she just recently again expressed interest, I invited her to today’s Unblocking. She was fun to have in today’s session, and she indicated she’d be back again.
  • I wanted to see what I could do with The GCC Brain to do some sense-making with today’s conversation.

So after today’s session, I took my notes (drafted as people spoke), and tried to find some memes to create nodes from. I then linked those meme nodes to the source of those ideas. I think even the little I did can make the “feel” of today’s conversation easier to convey to a non-participant.

Here’s a snapshot of the node about an hour or 2 after I did this pass:

20200517 Unblocking Node in the GCC

I look forward to feedback on how this “helps” or “lands” for y’all. Also looking forward to talking to Jerry tomorrow.

Written on May 17, 2020