My Political Reform Agenda

When someone with integrity attains the White House, I want

  • a full accounting of all the funds stolen from the American people by corrupt “appointees” and cronies of the ORANGE CORRUPTION and his party. I want those monies RETURNED and those criminals imprisoned.

Where HE 
belongs: in prison

  • Then I want a full trace of all the monies siphoned out of the US into shelters overseas and I want those returned to the people.

  • Then I want a full accounting of all contracts let by the gov, with pricing and money flow review / audit esp. to ties of those in office.

  • Then I want a full review & restoration of bills ILLEGALLY repealed by a corrupt government.

  • Then I want to institute a maximum 100:1 Top:Bottom pay band; to be reviewed and adjusted as we learn more.

  • Then I want all those who’ve acted against their oath to protect the Constitution (in all branches of government) to be ousted and prosecuted.

  • Then I want to restore a free press (at all regional levels, from local to national, to worldwide), accountable only to their dedication to truth and transparency, protected from monied influences.

  • And I want to inspire a worldwide conversation about what kind of peace we want to protect world-wide, and give voices to all who want to be heard.

  • Then it’s time to get money out of politics, starting with repeal of “Citizens United”.

Now, here’s where it gets controversial, potentially ;) :

  • I want minimum voter competency standards.
  • I want voter-proxy-delegation; You should be able to assign your vote to someone you trust. Transparently, traceably, revocably (until committed). (We know how to do this with transparency and without rigging.)
Written on June 1, 2020