What is GlobalSIM?

  • executable knowledge
  • predictive simulations
  • global collaboration
  • all levels of inter-operation
  • big analytics
  • versioning
  • what-if analysis
  • heuristics as well as formal logic
  • all kinds of knowledge can be composed

GlobalSIM is a scalable (to global) platform that will allow any proactively interested entity to collaborate on a community-cocreated knowledge-based executable-knowledge predictive-simulation and decision-support modeling framework.

It will allow any type of collaboration, from contributions of

  • simple data points
  • simple heuristics
  • “hunches”
  • locally-verified theories / hypotheses
  • Verified scientific results
  • aesthetically motivated patterns
  • globally applicable “unified theory of everything”
  • anything in-between

by allowing versioning and recombination and refinement of contributions. Anyone in this collaborative community can take any proper subset of the contributions in it, and recompose them, tweaked to their own satisfaction, and then use it to create / test their own “world model” Iterative refinement of this knowledge / world model so that it can be co-evolving as knowledge is gained / contributed.


  • Mentor (EE Doc Smith, The Lensmen Series)
  • Hari Seldon’s psychohistory (Asimov’s Foundation)
Written on November 27, 2015