I Will Blog (2018 Feb 04)

Keep in mind: this was written in 2018.

I’ve tried blogging before; it was a struggle:

  • Do people care at all about what I think?
  • Once I write something, am I liable for that thought forever?
  • Perhaps I’m wrong…
  • Suppose this blogging place goes away…?
  • Is this the best place to put this? …

So today, I’ve resolved to create my blog entries in the most permanent place I know, and then use OTHER blogging presences for “publishing” / “presenting” these blogs.

Today, the most permanent place I know is Google. They’re big, and they’re relatively open compared to other big places. And gDocs is a minimally viable place to write :( ;)

I will NOT yet treat my blogs as PERMANENT. For now I will retain the privilege and responsibility of updating my blogs if I feel they need it, until a real DKR is available. They most always will need updating, as I will write from what I know at time of writing. Later, I am likely to have learned, and may choose to update my writing to reflect that new understanding.

Commentary on my blogs will unfortunately be relevant to specific versions / revisions of my blog entries. Hopefully, I choose blogging places that understand versioning.

So this is my “coming out” blog entry :)

  • Google Doc version (authoritative)
  • This originally published at KFJournal.org on 20151018.
Written on February 4, 2018