Sam Blogging

There are lots of places one (I) can appear on the net.

Google looks like a reasonably persistent place, so until they look like they’re getting rid of gDocs, I’ll use this place to AUTHOR blog entries, and then post them to those various places.

Note: Since this was originally written in 2015, I’ve since tried a number of platforms. Currently (2020), I’m trying Jekyll on

I will write and revise blogs HERE. For now. (meaning Google, as of 20151017:1749)

As of 20200505: I will use Jekyll on, with address

Places where I put things:

  • (my life is here now)
  • Google Docs (start here, authoritative. All others derive from this source, until otherwise specified)
  • (published as specific blog entries, categorized as per kfj site categories)
  • (an eventual public-facing resource on collaborology)
  • ( - Sam’s blog presence)
  • Facebook notes (occasionally)
  • (the COI one-pager, started here in 2013… will bring it back to relevance)
  • (long ago.. no longer used, but lots of stuff still there, mostly just personal now)
  • SoundCloud (many Amigos audio files. Link to these from articles / blogs)
  • (Some Amigos audio files)
  • (Dino uses this…)
  • (I’d LIKE to use this more)

Will have to map this out, and make sense out of this; it right now doesn’t hang together nicely.

Written on October 28, 2015