What is WISiWIDo?

WISiWIDo (aka WYSiWYDo) is the infrastructure (tooling, applications, protocols, practices, principles,…) to support atomic-level collaboration: The 2-person agreement. WYSIWYDo is intended to scale from this micro-level to macro-level collaboration at global scale.

  • WISiWIDo incorporates a basic state model for collaborative interactions. It is simple, but extensible.
  • WISiWIDo proposes a basic foundational protocol for negotiating (exploring, requesting, confirming, executing, confirming, closing) action items.
  • WISiWIDo incorporates an extension model whereby it can integrate seamlessly with other applications and services. It will be embeddable as it is extensible.
  • WISiWIDo will be available on the web, as well as on mobile devices in order to always be available to support collaborative interactions.
  • WISiWIDo

Much more to be added here… This is just a placeholder start.

Written on October 20, 2015