About Sam Hahn

Roles and Positions

  • Technology Evangelist at eGain
  • VP Technology at eGain
  • VP Engineering at eGain
  • Member, Global Challenges Collaboration
  • Host and Moderator, GCC Barn Raising Saturdays
  • Founding and amateur Collaborologist
  • Managing partner at Program For The Future, with Darla Hewett, Eileen Clegg, et al
  • Douglas Carl Engelbart disciple-wannabe
  • VP Engineering, Purisma (acquired by Dun & Bradstreet)
  • VP Engineering, Sales.com (Siebel spinout)
  • Director of Engineering, Siebel Systems, under Bill Edwards, Tom Siebel
  • Partner, Sand Hill Angels with Steve Stephensen, et al
  • Co-Founder, VP Engineering, CTO, at DocuMagix (product: PaperMaster), with Steve Leung (lead investor: USVP, Irwin Federman)
  • IR&D Sponsor for Douglas Engelbart and the Bootstrap Institute - learned NLS, the chordede keyset, Bootstrapping, collaboration with Doug & Christina (funded the reactivation of the DEC-20 with NLS)
  • Principal Investigator, Intelligence Analysis Systems, ESL (Electromagnetic Systems Laboratory), TRW, with Steve (K) Leung, Albert Clarkson, Bijoy Chatterjee, Carl Verhey, Larry Nichols, Mike Wilkes, et al
  • Systems Engineer, TRW (Science Operations Ground Stations (SOGS) - for Space Telescope), with Carl Reichwein, Ron Burke, Myron Sabes, et al
  • Conductor, Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra - Prep Orchestra (10-12 year old string musicians), for William Whitson
  • Conductor, Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra - Twilight Concerts (Sunday evenings, graduates, professionals), for William Whitson
  • Guest Conductor and Chamber Music Coach - Whitson Chamber Music Workshop (San Luis Obispo)
  • Violinist (principle 2nd) Stanford University Symphony Orchestra, under Andor Toth
  • Violinist (1st section, with Connie Knudson?) Seattle Youth Symphony, under Vilem (Bill) Sokol
  • Violinist (1st stand, with Mark Rush) Albuquerque Youth Symphony, under Dale Kempter
  • Tai Chi Player, Zhao Bao (SiFu Peng Wen, Cupertino), ex Yang Style (SiFu Gorden Feng, San Francisco)

Curriculum Vitae

Date:   Event:
2020.11.05   KM World Webinar with Kate Leggett, “From Virtual Idiots to Virtual Wizards - Transforming Chatbots with Next-Gen Knowledge””
2020.09.01   Messaging With Google’s Business Messages
2020.06.30   Apple Business Chat and eGain
2020.04.28   KM World Webinar: AI Knowledge: The Cure for CX and AX Woes Amid COVID-19, with Danyelle Myrick, from Georgia Power
2020.04.23   Cisco, Discovery Benefits, eGain Webinar
2020.04.09   Forrester Webinar: CoVid-19 and Contact Center Engagement, with Kate Leggett (VP Forrester)
2020.02.05   Why Chatbots Fail and At-Scale Success Stories, CRM Magazine Webinar with Bob Fernekees, Kurt VanDynHoven
2019.11.06   Why Chatbots Fail, with Kyle Peay, Philadelphia Insurance
2019.05.13   DX19 London: What a VA Needs: ML, AI, and Knowledge, (YouTube) (Vimeo)
2019.02.26   Beyond the Hype: Contact Center AI that Works
2019.02.19   Customer Support AI that Works, John Ragsdale, Distinguished VP, Service Technology Research, TSIA
2018.09.12   Chatbots for Customer Service, with Erwin Van Lun, Chatbots.org
2014.09.xx   Knowledge Federation Conference 2014, Dubrovnik, Croatia
2012.09.xx   Knowledge Federation Conference 2012, Dubrovnik, Croatia
1992.03.22   Bootstrapping, Douglas Carl Engelbart, Skilling Auditorium, Stanford University - funded NLS reactivation, learned NLS and chorded keyset, OHS, etc.
1990s?   Submitted winning name for business intelligence fork of Postgres (Bizgres)
1986-1988   Funded geographic data types and operators for intelligence fusion GIS systems (Michael Stonebraker, ADTIngres, Postgres)
1983.xx.xx   Strategic Automatic Discovery System, Central Intelligence Agency (Doug Lenat, Colleen Diegnan, Sherry Cable)



  • Global Challenges Collaboration (and Conversations), Host & Noderator for Barn Raising, Foundation Laying conversation sessions (Saturdays, 2017-present)
  • Program For The Future, 2015, Palo Alto, CA, Conference CoConvener (Frode Hegland, et al)
  • Community of Impact, CoFounder (with Dino Karabeg, David Price)
  • Program For The Future, 2013, Google, Mountain View, CA, Conference, CoConvener (DKarabeg, et al)
  • Program For The Future, 2010, San Jose Tech Museum, Conference CoConvener (MLFung, DHewett)
  • The Engelbart Hypothesis, 2009?, V.Landau and E.Clegg - Chapter Contributor
  • Program For The Future, 2008, San Jose Tech Museum, Conference CoConvener (MLFung, DHewett, RStephenson, JOrr, EClegg, VLandau, RK)
  • Leading and Managing in Silicon Valley, CoAuthor and project instigator
  • Funding sponsor for ADTIngres (precursor to PostgreSQL, development of R-Tree based geospatial data structures and operators), Ru-Mei Kung, Michael Stonebraker, UC Berkeley
  • Graduate studies in Artificial Intelligence, Stanford University (1983-1985), sponsors: Doug Lenat, Michael Genesereth, Penni Nii
  • Undergraduate: BS Mathematics, Stanford University (1976-1980), Advisor: Hans Samelson
  • Bootstrap Institute, with Douglas Engelbart
  • ACM Life Member
  • TWAIN Working Group - Industry Consortium (Chairman, 1995-1997)
  • Stanford Alumni Association, life member
  • NextNow Network

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